Elvis is Very Much Alive

Swearing Makes Physics Work Better
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I’m so sick of people thinking they can just waltz into my room when I’m obviously listening to music in 4/4.

I just wanted to reblog this again because I find it inordinately funny.

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jesus, take the wheel. now put it in first - no, put the clutch in and - jesus, what the fuck, you said you could drive stick

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i love when i have capslock on from creating labels or doing captions or whatever and i don’t notice and accidentally type something else like, “YES LUNCH AT 11:30 SOUNDS GOOD” or “THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR FILING THAT COS”, like, no, lunch sounds REALLY REALLY GOOD and also that filing was amazing.

Leverage Meme » 6/9 quotes
No-Stabbing Wednesdays.

I…don’t know whether I support this or not, tbh.  It’s only 9:30.

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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